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Soothing the Conscious Mind

We have all experienced emotional pain, and while having exposure to our full range of emotions is indeed healthy, holding on to painful and unwanted memories is not. Learning to find peace and closure from any negative, unresolved conscious thoughts is essential for health and the prevention of dis-ease.

Using coaching and specific techniques from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) we are able to help your unconscious and conscious mind work together, so you can identify areas of unresolved conflict and remove the emotional blockages permanently, so the memories no longer affect you.


Freeing the Unconscious Mind

We need to ensure the unconscious mind is able to release any unresolved and suppressed negative emotions that is causing energy to be blocked. There are a wonderful wealth of traditional therapies which you've no doubt heard of, even tried, which play a wonderful role here. We offer many of these as part of the complete package, including Reiki, massage and hypnotherapy.


Clearing the Bio-electric Field

Whenever we hold dis-ease in the body, we affect the bio-electric charge in our body. You would have experienced this through pain, discomfort, confusion, in fact any time your body has been out of balance! Our incredible bodies rely on the flow of electrons to heal and maintain homeostasis, but during times of dis-ease we have either too much, or not enough electrons flowing.Bio-electric homeostasis effectively means re-calibrating our bio-electrical system, which may be causing a dysfunction on the body's ability to send messages through the nervous system. Using the phenomenal technique devised by Dr David Flemming from the AMN Academy, this passive treatment ensures the bio-electrical system as a whole is operating efficiently.

''We are much more empowered when we understand the mind-body connection.’’

The joining of two worlds

Holistic Nero Academy provide a mix of traditional and modern evidence-based therapies and interventions designed to re-balance and rewire the body and mind. In life, we create all sorts of wear and tear on the body and mind due to experiences growing up, relationships, work, pretty much everything! Your time with HNA will be a factory reset, clearing away any faulty thinking patterns and allowing the body to repair itself and function more efficiently; we call it re-calibration.

With HNA gain knowledge and skills to improve your own health and wellness through science.

Immersive Learning Experience

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Holistic Neuro Academy Venue
Holistic Neuro Academy Venue
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Steve Hern
Mental Health First Aid Instructor
Suicide Awareness Practitioner
Emotional Intelligence Trainer

Accredited and experienced Mental Health First Aid Instructor, Suicide Awareness Practitioner and Emotional Intelligence Trainer, Steve has helped hundreds of people learn and understand some of the most painful topics, including suicide. Three words that describe Steve… Compassionate, Approachable, Geordie! His ethos: To help you feel completely in control and see Mental First Aid in the same light as Physical First Aid.

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Natasha Minnikin
PGCE Post Compulsory Education & Training
Accredited Brain Health Coach
Accredited NLP Trainer

Holding a Post Graduate Certificate in Post Compulsory Education & Training, Accredited NLP Trainer Status and a specialist in Brain Health Coaching, Natasha will help you unpick your thinking patterns and behaviours by smashing through the technical jargon. Three words that describe Natasha… Passionate, Enthusiastic, Nerd! Her ethos: To help you feel confident about neuroscience and your holistic approach to health.

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Stuart ‘Smudge’ Smith
NLP Master Practitioner
Master Practitioner in Hypnotherapy
Accredited ILM Level 5 Coach

Accredited NLP Master Practitioner, ILM Level 5 Coach and Master Practitioner in Hypnosis, Smudge has helped hundreds of people overcome major emotional blocks and trauma, including PTSD. Three words that describe Smudge… Considerate, Thoughtful, Hilarious! His ethos: Your past experiences don’t define you, you can overcome anything the moment you decide to focus on those top 3 inches…

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Michelle Copson
Accredited Yoga Teacher
Mindfulness Practitioner
Mental Health First Aid Practitioner

Accredited Yoga Instructor, Meditation Teacher and Mindfulness Practitioner, Michelle specialised in helping you reduce stress and anxiety, by bringing mindfulness to busy minds. Having successfully brought mindfulness to the corporate world she brings the science to those who need it. Three words that describe Michelle… Genuine, Sincere, Bendy! Her ethos: To help you enhance your mind and body connection, whatever your starting point.

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Kerry Bannister
Advanced Level in Business Administration
International Healthy & Beauty Council Therapist
International Health & Beauty Specialist

Kerry is here to help you find the right option at the Academy, whether that’s retreats, accredited training or even 1-2-1 support, so be sure to get in touch if you want to chat. Three words that describe Kerry… Bonkers, friendly, and great fun! Her ethos: To help you feel welcome and at ease and to encourage everyone to be themselves!

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Cognitive Shift Practitioner

Cognitive Shift Practitioner

Become a fully qualified  practitioner. Training is accredited by the International Practioners of Holistic Medicine.

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Control negative thoughts, manage unwanted emotions or overcome emotional trauma, choose this package.

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Rehabilitation from chronic, unwanted physical or emotional pain then choose this package to help you move forward.

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Body Massage

Body Massage

Unique to you body massage. Focus on your body, head and electro magnetic field becoming a better you.

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Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness & Meditation

This is a wonderful opportunity to practice and develop mindfulness and meditation in a safe relaxing space.

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Ultimate Brain MOT

Ultimate Brain MOT

A complete Brain MOT to check the health of your brain. Know your health markers to improve your Long Term Brain Health

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