Cognitive Shift Practitioner (IPHM Accredited)

Accredited Neuro Reboot Package If you're looking to take control of negative thoughts, manage unwanted emotions or overcome emotional trauma then choose this package. Develop a mind-set of curiosity towards individual growth, emotional management and life-long change.

  • Date: 10/10/2021 18:00 - 15/10/2021 13:00
  • Location: Eaton Manor Country Estate, Church Stretton, UK (Map)


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Private Cottage: Triple or Quadruple Bedroom Accommodation - Self Catering
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We are only offering this option to an already established group of three or four, i.e. friends or family, to accommodate COVID restrictions. Please book all your places together in this one order. Please note, cost is £400 PER PERSON What you get: 1x Private Cottage: 4x separate bedrooms with own en-suite bathrooms
Private Cottage: Double Occupancy Accommodation - Self Catering
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Due to COVID-19 social distancing measures we are only offering this shared accommodation for couples or friends; please book both places together in the one order. Please note cost is £550 per person What you get: 1x Private Cottage: 2x bedrooms with separate en-suites
Private Cottage: Single Occupancy Accommodation - Self Catering
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What you get: 1x Private Cottage to yourself.




"Learn specialist skills in NLP, CBT and many other specialisations all under one Accredited Training package"

Designed specifically for anyone looking to become a Practitioner or enhance their own Therapy specialisations.  This course will give you a diverse range of skills never before incorporated into one bespoke training package.  You will help yourself and your clients take control of unhelpful behaviour patterns such as feelings of stress, exhaustion and overwhelm. 

What is it

A 5 day Training Course focused on personal & professional development through workshops and mindfulness practices.  Building on the concepts from the Rewire your Mind Retreat (prior attendance not required) this course explores the mind-body connection, enabling your clients to regain control of their mind and body.  Steeped in science, and practices from a variety of therapies we decipher the research so you get to understand how the brain operates and learn techniques to manage unhelpful thinking patterns.

Who is it for:

Anyone wanting long-term change. This powerful development package has helped hundreds of people manage severe emotional trauma when classical interventions have failed.  If classical interventions have not helped your clients overcome struggles with any part of the mindset, including confidence, self-belief and emotional control, then Cognitive Shift is a must.

Key take-aways include identifying and challenging, where appropriate, our use of words, thoughts and actions in order to take ownership of our behaviour and ultimately create the results we strive towards. The course also focuses on aligning goals to our own life values, and explains techniques for overcoming beliefs that disempower us.

What to expect:

This is designed to be a personal and professional development course so expect workshops, learning and exploration! The foundations of the course are centred on the self and include enhancing your own mindset, building rapport with your unconscious mind, raising awareness of body language, and shifting the emotional attachment of personal challenge or trauma

Bringing these concepts together to provide an authentic and effective skillset for therapist is the second theme of the course, enabling powerful change for your clients, friends and family through non-invasive, evidence based practices.  While it is a workshop we do not operate a classroom based approach so expect relaxed, open facilitation and the perfect environment for you to truly be yourself.

6 people maximum; this is about you, not us!


Only £1200 for 5 Days Accredited Training 
Accommodation Included!

"Our unique Cognitive Shift Training is a completely immersive 'Rewire' experience, combining training workshops with mindfulness, neurology with energy, grounding with science and logic with intuition."

Interested in a Taster Retreat rather than Full Training? Why not join our 3 Day Rewire your Mind Workshop and enjoy a bit of relaxation on the way!  The Rewire your Mind package is based on the exact same principles as the Cognitive Shift Course, but with a reduced training element so that you can take time out enjoying the venue, mindfulness and relaxation practices, along with a number of cognitive shift skills-based workshops. Please note the Rewire Workshop is not Accredited, instead it is a wonderful 3 day exploration.