Cognitive Shift Practitioner

Become a fully qualified  practitioner. Training is accredited by the International Practioners of Holistic Medicine.


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Anyone looking to learn a variety of therapy methods to maximise client results. This unique course will qualify you as an Accredited Practitioner, so you can start helping clients immediately with the confidence that what you are doing is safe, recognised, and insurable. No previous experience is required so you can use this course to not only kickstart, but leapfrog you into your journey as a qualified therapist. This course is also ideal for current practitioners to diversify their practice, enabling you enhance your interventions and offerings, without having to dilute the skills you have already established in your own specialisation.

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A 5-day facilitation programme that qualifies you as an Accredited Cognitive Shift Practitioner. By the end of the course you will be able to use a variety of well researched and effective techniques with your clients who may be suffering from mindset challenges, such as anxiety, self doubt, lack of self worth or belief, fears, phobias. This course will also give you the tools you need to improve client brain health, through enhanced understanding of gut health and it's link to neuro-inflammation, brain fog, poor decision-making and hard to manage emotions. Finally, learn quick ways to rapidly increase client responsiveness to treatment, meaning every session together ensures maximum results.

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We believe the best therapists are those that 'coach to the person, not to the book', by that we mean each client must be helped differently - 'as there is no one size fits all treatment, there should be no 'one best paradigm' for therapy'. As a Cognitive Shift Practitioner you will learn multiple techniques from a range of specialisations, incluing Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Poly-Vagal Theory, Sound Therapy and much more, so you can maximise your efficacy as a therapist, and make faster, more impactful changes for your clients.

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"One of the most powerful and accessible courses available for new and experienced therapists alike"

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"For such a short course this programme continues to change lives"

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