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Become a fully qualified NLP practitioner. Training is accredited by the World Renowned ABNLP.


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Anyone looking to further develop your range of interventions or indeed better communicate with your clients mind then this is the perfect way to continue your journey into the mind. Advancing from the techniques you've already done on the Cognitive Shift (or HP) Course, your Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) training will explore strategies and techniques to help with deep rooted mental challenges so you can help others move forward when they have reached a mind block. This is a wonderfully effective therapy which can wield significant changes with your clients, friends and family.

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5 days of in-person training plus 2 additional 1-day workshops (either face to face or online). The week long training covers the specialist theory you need to know for conducting deeper level interveniotns with your clients. Your 2 further workshops are designed as practical sessions, where you continue to practice your application of techniques so that you can feel 100% comfortable and confident with the skills you have learned. Please note, training builds on the hours already completed in your previous course (Cognitive Shift or HP) and requires additional self study to achieve the Accredited qualification through the American Board of NLP (ABNLP); the largest and most credible providers of NLP. Total study hours: 120

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Covering interventions and training outlined by the American Board of NLP including belief change, advanced anchoring and collapsing un-resourceful thinking patterns through the expert use of language. You will have the right skills and techniques to bring about life changing results for your clients, helping them change negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours without the use of medication.

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"One of the most powerful and accessible courses available for new and experienced therapists alike"

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"For such a short course this programme continues to change lives"

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Haughton Hall - One of Shropshire’s best loved hotels, situated just 10 minutes from Telford, Haughton Hall Hotel and Leisure Club offers relaxing, stylish accommodation; a fully equipped Leisure Club; an elegant hotel restaurant and first class conference and banqueting facilities. Combined with it’s spectacular setting in 35 acres of gardens and woodland

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