Mental Health & Suicide First Aider training Mental Health & Suicide First Aider training Mental Health & Suicide First Aider training 
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Do you take Mental Health (MH) seriously? Would you like to be able to help someone who was suffering with a mental health issue and want to know how to signpost them to the best appropriate care? Would you want to be able to recognise signs in yourself and be able to know how to tackle any problems before they manifest themselves?

If the answer is yes, then Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) could be for you. This course teaches in depth skills for providing first aid to people who are suffering from mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and psychosis.
Become aware and confident of how to deal with someone who is having a mental health crisis. Increase your own personal resilience and understand how life events can be triggers for mental health issues.

We are now also including a Suicide First Aid (SFA) element. Learn how to have that most difficult of conversations with someone who is thinking about ending their life. According to research, Suicide is the most preventable death. Most of us do not know how to broach the topic but it is vitally important to address these issues before it becomes too late.

Hosted by an Instructor with 35 years of military experience, who has witnessed and helped people deal with extreme MH issues suffered through combat. We deliver in a safe and inclusive environment, tailored to make you feel at ease and comfortable throughout the 3 days, using real life examples to help understanding and learning.

Please note, due to limited spaces we are now having to operate a first come first serves basis. We do hope you can join us.

Price: £350 for 3 days training.


Certified First Aider Certification through Mental Health First Aid and Suicide First Aid Ltd.

We invite our members to provide feedback at the end of the course; this is what they said to us!