Our Three Pillar Approach to Therapy

Our Three Pillar Approach to TherapyOur Three Pillar Approach to TherapyOur Three Pillar Approach to Therapy
"Three really is the magic number..."

If you've already tried classical therapies and treatments but only found temporary relief, then why not try something different? Our unique paradigm looks at promoting health by joining knowledge and techniques from both Eastern and Western sciences so that we can bring together real Body, Mind and Soul homeostasis.

Pillar One: Soothing the Conscious Mind
We have all experienced emotional pain, and while having exposure to our full range of emotions is indeed healthy, holding on to painful and unwanted memories is not. Learning to find peace and closure from any negative, unresolved conscious thoughts is essential for health and the prevention of dis-ease.

Using coaching and specific techniques from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) we are able to help your unconscious and conscious mind work together, so you can identify areas of unresolved conflict and remove the emotional blockages permanently, so the memories no longer affect you.

Pillar Two: Freeing the Unconscious Mind
We need to ensure the unconscious mind is able to release any unresolved and suppressed negative emotions that is causing energy to be blocked. There are a wonderful wealth of traditional therapies which you've no doubt heard of, even tried, which play a wonderful role here. We offer many of these as part of the complete package, including Reiki, massage and hypnotherapy.

Pillar Three: Clearing the Bio-electric Field
Whenever we hold dis-ease in the body, we affect the bio-electric charge in our body. You would have experienced this through pain, discomfort, confusion, in fact any time your body has been out of balance! Our incredible bodies rely on the flow of electrons to heal and maintain homeostasis, but during times of dis-ease we have either too much, or not enough electrons flowing.

Bio-electric homeostasis effectively means re-calibrating our bio-electrical system, which may be causing a dysfunction on the body's ability to send messages through the nervous system. Using the phenomenal technique devised by Dr David Flemming from the AMN Academy, this passive treatment ensures the bio-electrical system as a whole is operating efficiently.


Your Holistic Experience: Our Holistic approach brings together wonderful traditions and practices in meditation & relaxation to help ease the mind & body from modern stresses. Learn a variety of breathing techniques, body movement drills and light exercises that we naturally did before modern habits got in the way. For those of you already well on your way with holistic practices, we integrate daily grounding sessions to help increase the energy flow, and share the latest knowledge in electro-magnetic charge to ensure everything is flowing the way it needs to be.

The Neuro Bit: The Neuro part of our unique paradigm is something we're incredibly proud and excited to share with you, as we feel this is really where we can offer you something so much more than almost any other workshop or training package in the world. If you've ever wanted to understand why your emotions get the better of you; why you react the way you do (but wish you didn't...) or you just want to protect yourself from this high paced-high stress world we seem to live in, then Holistic-Neuro is for you. We cover basic brain anatomy (don't worry, I did say basic...) and show you how centuries of such weird and wonderful practices were really seeped in fascinating science and neurology, that only modern physics is now able to prove; mind blowing when you think of it. We don't want to blow you mind, we do however want you to leave your retreat or training package feeling empowered to use the word 'holistic' and be able to use the incredible knowledge we share with you to change your life for the better; that's how confident we are. If you think that sounds a bit far fetched, then have a read of what our guests had to say, then come and join us and experience it for yourself!

"This truly is life-changing"
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