Retreat Features

Countryside Residential Location

Accommodated in shared cottages on site; enjoy the stunning 500 acres of private grounds in the Shropshire countryside

All inclusive

Let us look after your appetite needs with vegetarian and vegan options to suit all dietary preferences. Have specific needs? Then all our cottages have beautiful country kitchens to store and prepare your own meals just as you like them.

Self Development Workshops

Explore how the mind works in our relaxed training workshops. Designed to truly help you understand the thoughts in your mind, these fantastic workshops give you the tools you need to keep you on track.

Meditation & Grounding

Enjoy learning and practising different meditation techniques, grounding, and HeartMath breathing to ensure you keep control of your nervous system and promote healthy, healing and happy energy.

Rest & Recuperation

With a massage therapist and swimming pool on site, you have everything taken care of.