Your Practitioners

Mark Jones

Movement Neurologist

Physical Trainer Royal Navy | Joint Service specialist Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor (ERI) | Sports Rehabilitation Specialist | Fellow of Applied Functional Science (Gray Institute, Michigan USA) | Nike Golf 360 Performance Trainer | Z-Health Neurological Movement Training | Applied Movement Neurology - Level 3 Mastermind

Natasha Minnikin

The Mind Physio!

HeartMath Practitioner | Transactional Analysis Coach | Hypnosis Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer | NLP practitioner, Master Practitioner & Trainer | Cognitive Behaviour Therapist | REPS Level 4 Stroke Rehabilitation Instructor | Level II Reiki Practioner | REPS Level 3 Master Fitness Trainer | PGCE PCET Teaching | ILM Level 5 Coach & Mentor | Defence Train the Trainer | Defence Training Manager | Defence Instructor Assessment & Development | Specific Learning Differences Advisor | Swedish, Hot Stones and Warm Bamboo Massage Practitioner | Leadership & Management (ILM) Level 4 | Nutrition Coach |

Stuart Smith

Human Performance Coach

NLP Master Practitioner | NLP Master Coach | Master Hypnotherapist | ILM level 5 Coaching and Mentoring | HeartMath Coach | Train the Trainer with Thomas Internationals Emotional Intelligence and PPA (Personal Profile Assessment) | Mental Health First Aid instructor and trainer.

Michelle Copson

Wellness Trainer and Coach

Mindfulness Practitioner | Meditation Teacher | Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming | Master Coach Master Time Line Therapy | Master Hypnotherapy | Heartmath Coach | Mentor Volunteer with the Princes Trust