Mark Jones

Mark Jones
Movement Neurologist

Physical Trainer Royal Navy | Joint Service specialist Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor (ERI) | Sports Rehabilitation Specialist | Fellow of Applied Functional Science (Gray Institute, Michigan USA) | Nike Golf 360 Performance Trainer | Z-Health Neurological Movement Training | Applied Movement Neurology - Level 3 Mastermind

Mark is an ‘Applied Functional Neurologist’, a term used to describe the combination of functional human biomechanics, specialist exercise rehabilitation and applied movement neurology. 

Think along the line’s of a computer - software managing the hardware. 

Prior to setting up Three Sixty rehab I served as a specialist exercise rehabilitation instructor with the Royal Navy’s physical training branch. This unique role allowed me to operate alongside doctors and physiotherapists, not to mention the servicemen and women who I had the privilege to rehabilitate and serve alongside. I held these people in great esteem and always wanted to provide them with the best care I could which, I believe started my search to find the best ways to help heal the human body! 

I graduated from the prestigious Headley Court Defence Medical Centre in 2007 and began the journey into rehabilitating all manners of pain and movement complaints. To fuel an eager appetite for learning how this amazing human body really worked I went on the graduate from St Marys Twickenham with first class honours. With a nagging doubt that I still didn’t have the answers I undertook the Gray Institute for Functional Transformation (GIFT) in 2013. This course based in Michigan USA and taught by Gary Gray, world renowned movement trainer was an awe inspiring experience where I finally learned the art of looking at the body and letting ‘IT’ show me where the problem was. 

All I had to do was know what is supposed to happen from the foot to the head and ‘boom’ right in front of your eyes you can see the ‘missing bits’! I've since helped hundreds of people out of back pain just because I noticed a tight hip or stiff foot! The results have been life changing for those who were previously debilitated or on high levels of pain meds just to get through the day. needless to say I am very proud to have helped - however helping people can become a drug, especially when they smile and or cry became they know they are free from there own prison cell of poor quality of life!

Not to rest on my laurels I have found myself becoming an Applied Movement Neurology student currently at the master level. This is a completely different skill set where I basically tap into the nervous system and run a ‘diagnostic’ to see where deep seated problems are and get to fixing the glitches so the body can effectively ‘Re-Boot’ and optimise its operating system. I still can’t believe the results I am getting. People are seriously getting their lives back after these treatments! 

So, Ive found the best way to bring about healing in the body is to amalgamate all these skills and deliver a neuro-biomechnaical assessment and treatment for extremely powerful results! I am very proud to work the way I do and meet amazing people everyday who deserve to live the best life they can - I take huge satisfaction in playing a part in that for sure! 


2000 Physical Trainer Royal Navy
2007 - Joint Service specialist Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor (ERI) 2011 - St Mary's University with First class honours in 'Sports Rehabilitation'
2013 - Fellow of Applied Functional Science (Gray Institute, Michigan USA)
2014 - Nike Golf 360 Performance Trainer
2016 - Z-Health Neurological Movement Training
2017 - Applied Movement Neurology - Level 3 Mastermind