Stuart Smith
Human Performance Coach

NLP Master Practitioner | NLP Master Coach | Master Hypnotherapist | ILM level 5 Coaching and Mentoring | HeartMath Coach | Train the Trainer with Thomas Internationals Emotional Intelligence and PPA (Personal Profile Assessment) | Mental Health First Aid instructor and trainer.

Interestingly and without realising it, I find that I have been coaching for years, at least since my days in the Air Training Corps, where I was surrounded by like minded teenagers whom wanted to achieve and did so on various scales.  At school I was shy and quite the Introvert, although, I was lucky to have a wide friend base.  As I grew older and wiser it became apparent in these environments that I enjoyed seeing folk achieve.

I started noticing what it was inherently helping them reach their goals.  This was my first insight in how successful or not, teams or individuals were.  I found that I quickly became a team player when required and equally effective on my own.  In fact, working in a team environment seemed to suit me as much as working on my own.  And so looking back I would say I worked well for competition, gaining a sense of achievement.  I would relish this internally and never really sought external praise.

Subconsciously learning what I have,  I found that promotion and progression in my life came quickly, although fraught with set backs and learnings on the way, some of which were extreme.  And if I knew then what I knew now I would feel lucky.  This very easily spilled over into my career in the RAF Regiment, where I became obsessed with improving myself and achieving the goals I always thought out of my reach.  The military side of life has given me a unique insight into the realities of PTSD and C-PTSD and how to coach through it with clients. I have a different approach that has worked for those where traditional methods have not worked for what ever reason. 

Specific Skill Set

Confidence, Trauma, Setting up a business.  what ever it is that you maybe struggling with, coaching could help. I have a wide experience in many areas  including PTSD, Phobias and helping others find their way. 

Team coaching or even conflict resolution.  The glory of knowing how we work, combined with some amazing techniques to elicit the why is an important skill I share.

I have been Coaching officially for four years now, in the Military and outside of the Military, using techniques based around NLP, Hypnosis and more traditional Coaching and Mentoring methods. 

You as an individual are not a carbon copy of anyone else so having the flexibility that helps you is key to your success.