Rehabilitation from chronic, unwanted physical or emotional pain then choose this package to help you move forward.


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Anyone suffering from long term/recurring physical injuries or chronic conditions including diabetes, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure and pain, who is open to holistic, complementary* therapy. Also, if you find yourself suffering from stress, fatigue, burnout or any of the 5 major emotions (anger, sadness, guilt, fear, hurt) then this holistic treatment retreat is absolutely essential.

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A 3 day small group retreat designed to immerse you in a specialist healing environment which utilises a full spectrum of traditional and modern holistic treatments. Feel an unprecedented boost to the system thanks to our unique three pillar approach to therapy. This is an intensive holistic therapy retreat

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designed to be an intensive holistic therapy retreat so expect regular treatments interspersed with workshops and your own recuperation time. You will receive treatments** using the AMN paradigm, hypnotherapy, coaching sessions, NLP, massage, reiki, mindfulness, meditation, Vagal Nerve Stimulation and reflection practices throughout the day, on a daily bases. There is the option to attend a movement class each morning to aid mobility, and attend Wim Hof style breathing sessions each evening to help reduce inflammation in the body.

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''We are much more empowered when we understand the mind-body connection.’’

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"If you're a therapist looking to take your knowledge to the next level, or you've turned a page in your life where you no longer want to suffer from chronic pain, or feel lost, isolated or dis-empowered; your journey starts here."

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A Luxury Escape

Eaton Manor Country Estate - the ideal venue for escaping from the hustle and bustle and immersing yourself in HNA's Rebalance course.

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