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Anyone wanting long-term change. This powerful personal development package has helped hundreds of people manage severe emotional trauma when classical interventions have failed. If you struggle with any part of the mindset, including confidence, self-belief and emotional control, then this Rewire Package is a must.

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A 3 day retreat focused on personal development through workshops and mindfulness practices. We believe you are much more empowered when you understand the mind-body connection, so this Rewire package is about giving you back control of your mind and body. Steeped in science, we decipher the research so you get to understand how the brain operates and learn techniques to manage unhelpful thinking patterns.

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This is designed to be a personal development retreat so expect workshops, learning and exploration! Our focus is to empower you to learn more about your mind; why we think and react the way we do, how to manage unresourceful emotions and how to embrace the best life gives us. While it is a workshop retreat we do not operate a classroom based approach so expect relaxed, open facilitation and the perfect environment for you to truly be yourself.

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"Feel emotionally strong, confident and back in control of your life"

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"Our unique Rewire Package is a completely immersive experience, combining training workshops with mindfulness, neurology with energy, grounding with science and logic with intuition."

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A Luxury Escape

Eaton Manor Country Estate - the ideal venue for escaping from the hustle and bustle and immersing yourself in HNA's Rewire course.

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