Rewire your Mind

22 March 20

Rebalance your Body; Rewire your mind

If you're looking for an integrated approach that improves your body and your mind, then you are in the right place. Our Re-balance and Rewire packages offer you the best in alternative rehabilitation practices, meaning you experience everything you need in one powerful, life changing retreat.

Supported throughout by our highly skilled and qualified therapists, you'll be immersed in a unique blend of East-Meets-West approaches to mind and body workshops, personalised holistic treatments and the latest in neurological science.

If classical treatments have not worked for you, then now is the time to try something different. No other mind-body package offers such comprehensive and effective results, so start your journey with us now as see how you too can get your life back on track in just 5 days.

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Bringing Holistic Therapy to the 21st Century

"Whether you're a therapist looking to take your knowledge to the next level, or you've turned a page in your life where you no longer want to suffer from chronic pain, or feel lost, isolated or dis-empowered; your journey starts here".

Natasha The Mind Physio!

Your Journey

Rebalance your Body

Rehabilitation Package

If you're looking for rehabilitation from chronic, unwanted physical or emotional pain then choose this package to help you move forward.

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Rewire your Mind

Neuro Reboot Package

If you're looking to take control of negative thoughts, manage unwanted emotions or overcome emotional trauma then choose this package.

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Practitioner Training

Accredited Courses

If you're wanting to help others on their healing journey, then we have courses to suit your needs, even if you're just starting out.

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Holistic Neuro Academy

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